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Record Networks working in three fields of activity : IT, AT, FP
IT:Information technology
AT:Automation technology

Industrial control automation technology is widely used in checking, controlling, optimizing, dispatching, managing and deciding the producing process to improve product quality and output, lower cost and guarantee safety. Industrial automation system mainly includes three parts: software, hardware and system. One of the key roles is Industrial PC (IPC). IPC is the core of the automatic equipment of industry and the infrastructure equipment of information industry. Currently, IPC is a major force stimulating the improvement and innovation of industrial automation of our country and pushing the development of each industry.

Now, the industrial automatic control technology has made great progress and it has been widely applied in many fields. The industrial computer system in our country has taken shape. Automation technology is developing towards intelligence, network and integration. With the rapid growth of electric power, metallurgy, petroleum and chemical industry, environmental protection, traffic system, construction and so on, IPC market is expanding with great potential and wide prospect.