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Internet access

ADSL Internet


By ordering our ADSL service you receive permanently available, broadband internet access, which you can use for a fixed monthly fee, without additional commitments and irrespective of the interval of use.

Our ADSL packages include free extra services (Webmail, web hosting) so that you can enjoy more using the web.

Residential ADSL

Enjoy broadband internet in your home ! Our Private ADSL package besides the internet access also includes free Webmail and web hosting services . With our "Install it yourself" packages the set-up takes only 5 workdays!

Business ADSL

Our Business ADSL services do not only provide permanent broadband internet access, but also offer solutions to all your internet related questions regardless of the size of the enterprise.

With our "Install it yourself" ADSL packages your enterprise can get broadband nternet access within 5 workdays.

Leased Line

We recommend our Leased Line and Virtual Private Network (VPN) services to corporate enterprises of greater size, which possess several premises. You may connect your premises in different locations through our leased line services and may provide permanent, continuously monitored internet access for them up to 1 GB/s.

Residential dial-up

We primarily recommend our service to our customers who are just getting acquainted with the internet. In case of limited use, our time-restricted packages offer the cheapest solution, while our e-mail service offers a mailbox and the related internet access at a favourable price.