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Fire protection systems
Gaseous Agents

Experts in gaseous agent fire extinguishing and fire suppression systems

We offers gaseous agent fire extinguishing systems suitable for all kinds of hazards and situations in commercial and industrial applications.

Inergen® Gaseous System


A perfect fire suppression system for enclosed areas. It quickly suppresses fire without further damaging sensitive equipment and does not require a time consuming clean-up of the extinguishing agent afterwards. It is also one of the safest fire extinguishing gases proven to have no ill effects on people or the environment.

The Inergen® gaseous system is an inert gas fire suppressant consisting of natural gases and extinguishes fire without causing harm to people, property or the environment.

Inergen® is a patented unique composition of safe gases including nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide that naturally already occur within the normal atmosphere we all breathe so it overcomes flames, not people.

Inergen® is designed to detect smoke, release the extinguishment gas and suppress the fire before any significant damage occurs


  • Powerful and people friendly: Smothers fire by diluting the oxygen concentration within the risk area, while it continues to allow people to breathe easily as they evacuate the area.
  • Environmentally friendly: Composed of natural substances from the atmosphere, the Inergen® system has no pollution, ozone or global warming effect. When the components are released they simply resume their natural role in the atmosphere.
  • Equipment safe: Unlike many other agents that can become corrosive and permanently damage electronic components, Inergen® does not form any corrosive by-products that can damage equipment in server rooms, data centres, medical facilities, laboratories or other sensitive electronic environments.
  • Cost effective: The result is lower repair bills, less impact on business and a safer environment for your people.

Carbon Dioxide System

co2-1.jpg co2-2.jpg

This clean, plentiful and low cost gaseous agent can be stored in high pressure cylinder or low pressure tanks. This effective fire extinguisher is ideal for local applications in industrial situations, such as; rolling mills and dip.

Carbon dioxide is a clean gaseous agent, in plentiful supply and can be stored in either high pressure cylinders or low pressure tanks. It has been used effectively as a fire extinguishing gas since the early 1900’s. 

Carbon Dioxide systems can be used for either total flooding or local application and are ideal for protecting high value assets where large quantities of agent is required. These include dip tanks, rolling mills, data processing centres, vaults/tape storage and marine machinery spaces.